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Areas of expertise

Shilo Guidance Center understands that life is a journey in which many never discover peace. We believe peace is not the destination but is intended to be foundational to the entire journey no matter what the person is facing at the moment. Imagine going through incredible times, dark times or even mundane times with peace. Shilo exists to guide people on the path of peace. We offer this guidance to individuals, couples, children and families. Below is a list of some of the areas we have helped many people to find peace.

  • Anxiety/fear 

  • Boundaries

  • Career/life planning

  • End of life

  • Family

  • Grief

  • Illness

  • Marriage/ pre-marital

  • Navigating transition

  • Parenting

  • Pastoral

  • Stress


  • God Encounters

  • Financial

  • Marriage

  • Parenting

My Approach

Our Approach

At Shilo, our approach is completely different than most psychiatrists, psychologists and even Christian psychologists in that we believe the Bible is sufficient to guide people on the path of peace. Thus, our approach is to identify the area or areas of concern, apply foundational scriptures that address the concern and pray with the person or persons allowing opportunity for God to bring peace and healing. At Shilo, we believe that God encounters are critical to finding health and peace.


We are not medical doctors. Thus, if we notice anything that may be a physical concern, we will recommend you see a medical specialist. That said, we understand that physical ailments can negatively impact people mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  This is where Shilo can help guide the person to the path of peace. Our approach is designed to address the mental, emotional and spiritual needs of the individual or family. In some situations, we have also seen people miraculously healed of their physical condition.


We believe, in some cases, a single visit can bring the necessary answers. At other times, healing and peace come slowly. We are prepared to meet you in your journey and only go as fast as you are able. We will design the approach around the individual or group needs.

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